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I just wanted to let you know your program is making a big difference in my daughter's performance. In fact, we just had our parent teacher conference last week. The teacher wondered why we stopped tutoring at school and wanted to know WHAT we had been doing at home. I just smiled. I told her, with no offense, but after months of our daughter working with the school, we weren't seeing the progress she needed. I saw your program and it made sense to me scientifically and wanted to give it a try. It couldn't hurt right?! Well, the teacher said that whatever we have been doing had made a tremendous difference in her confidence. She knows all her sight words, she is able to blend words faster and is starting to be able to read stories with emotion, not just the words on the page. 3 months ago, the teacher thought our daughter would have trouble going into the 1st grade. Now she wants to know how to get your program to use on other students. Now instead of dreading reading and doing her homework, she is setting her own goals, writing her own stories and asking to go to the library to get more books. We plan on continuing your program over the summer to ensure she doesn't “lose” her progress and to build on this fantastic foundation. Thank you so much. You can't imagine what a huge relief it has been to see the transformation in such a short period of time. Your program has spared her a future of anxiety and low self-esteem and saved us from watching in frustration and heartache knowing she is struggling. What a great lesson to learn early in life- that with the right tools you can overcome your obstacles.

Thank you. Lauren just got her report card and they commented on how much improvement she has made in her reading and sight words. We are going to keep working over the summer to build her vocabulary and proficiency. Great stuff.

Have a wonderful Day,

Words cannot express how thankful we are for the big improvement with our little Matti in her reading in less than two weeks. She has gone form 90 wpm to 120 wpm and some stories at 160 wpm!!!!! She told us tonight she really likes math and science, but reading is her favorite! The program has helped her in such a short time!

Just a quick and most sincere thank you for creating this program - Joseph is our 4th grade boy who was having processing problems - Wow! We could not believe how quickly the results came! Joseph scored his highest ever on a spelling test (108!) after reviewing the list in the manner you showed us using the flash cards. For the remainder of the year, he never got less than a 98 on spelling tests! His reading comprehension level at the end of the year was at fifth grade from a 3rd grade level at the beginning of the year. His teacher commented how confident he became in class with answering and not just being the class clown or distraction. She was blown away that Joseph was in fact engaged when others had mentally gone for the summer - it should be noted with snow days they were in school until June 27th!

OK - so the work continues and Joseph is motivated to return to school at an even higher level - and we plan on getting right back to work!

An update as we are coming on our year anniversary, Joseph was discharged from Speech therapy a week ago! Yippee! He has four A's and one 86 in social studies this 3rd marking period. His goal is to finish the final marking period with all A's. We are very, very happy we started this his 4th grade year as this is a middle school year for him and I think it's made a world of difference! Thanks again!

An update: Joey graduated 8th grade in June- he received the Superintendent's Award for an 87 average over 3 years in middle school and the William Colantino Jr award for most improved math student ($50!). Much continued success in your endeavors to help other students.
J Beljan

Just wanted to share my comments on the USA Reading Clinic material I have received and have been using with my daughter, Breanna for a little over a month. This is a success story in the making.

Her comprehension level was way below what a 4th grader's level should be. Within the first week of using the program I noticed Breanna reading much more fluently and actually enjoying what she was reading because she wasn't "stuttering" anymore when she reads.

We have not received the first report card for the school year yet but for the progress report she had an 89 average in reading. She was 11 points away from her goal of 12 AR points for the quarter which meant she needed to read several books to get to her goal. With only 3 weeks to go in the quarter and the help of the program she not only met her goal of 12 points for the quarter but exceeded it by 3 points.

One evening after reading on the computer and then in her regular reading book I asked what she thought of the program and the book she was reading and she commented in a loud and excited voice "I LOVE TO READ!" I almost cried. I was so happy to hear those words from her lips. Reading was once enjoyable to her but for the last year it has become increasingly more difficult to get her interested in a story and more difficult to get her to complete and take a test on what she had read. Now she enjoys reading and I look forward to seeing the high grades on her tests.

I will update you when we get her first report card and let you know how much she has improved since the progress report.

Thank you again!
D Keller

I wanted to tell you what happened to Greta after she finished your program. Right away her 5th grade teacher Mrs. Harley noticed something was different in Greta. She was not the same child she read about in Greta's file.

At the beginning of last year, her grade school had her being taken out of her class for 9 hours a week (for extra help).

Greta started “torturing” kids in her regular class in Math, she was writing beautiful papers, and she was raising her hand and answering questions correctly. The best part is Greta was feeling smart. Something she had never felt before.

In the spring we had a final review meeting, which involved her grade school teacher, school psychologist, learning center teachers, and the learning center teachers came from the middle school. It was finally realized that Greta could graduate.

She started Middle school this year and is in regular classes. We are so grateful to you and your program. I am trying to spread the word about your program. It works miracles!

By his 4th day using your program at the rate you suggested (approximately 1/2 hour a day), Joe's WPM has gone from the 90 you observed to 180 WPM. He is excited, and I have seen other changes taking place, barely discernable as "changes", actually, but characteristics I believe linked to bolstered self-esteem.

He proudly pointed out to me that he has experienced a 100% improvement in a few short days. I stressed to him, that even if he should reach a level of 500 wpm, he cannot stop prior to the 3 month reinforcement period. His reply? The program does not go beyond 400 WPM. He checked. Priceless.

I have never had a dream which encompassed a full week, and never actually dreamt that I've hit the lottery, but I feel like I'm living both those scenarios right now. One of my favorite all-time books is "Flowers for Algernon". It is so eerily familiar, the dramatic curve in ability as Charlie Gordon experienced. The sad and tragic eventuality are something I keep having to remind myself is not something Joe will be destined to, but after having my heart broken so many times by empty attempts to help my wonderful son, I still have a small shred of fear. Losing this gift at this point would be traumatic beyond words for me.

I cannot wait to share this miracle with other suffering kids and families, I realize there are many who have not compensated for their disabilities as well as Joe has.

With the utmost gratitude,
J Tatz

No matter what we did, no matter how much time we spent trying to help her, and for all the efforts (or lack thereof) by the school system which wanted to brand her as a “special education student,” and the tremendous expense sending her to a learning center (three years there), the outcome was the same. Our daughter could not read at grade level. There was no dyslexia, or any other traditional learning disability, physical impairment or psychological issues.

We would be quite accurate in stating that our daughter was reading at least three grade levels below her actual grade level and that she was ineffectively reading parts of words, parts of syllables and parts of sentences. We could see this as we tried to help her. The school knew about this and basically gave up on her, telling us she must have problems beyond their scope of understanding.

Reading parts of words and not stringing them together to complete ideas and to create the foundation for comprehension was having devastating effects on both her scholastic achievement and her self-esteem. The inability to read filtered into other subjects.

Our daughter could hardly read any of the Judy Blume type books out loud or silently without stumbling on multiple words per line and sentence.

After we had exhausted what we believed to be every avenue possible, we finally came across a miracle and a phenomenal discovery relative to her reading.

After completing the USA Reading Clinic System, she is currently reading Harry Potter books to us with roughly one stumble per page. From a 4th grade reading level, she has been assessed at a 7th-8th grade reading proficiency and comprehension level with a words per minute speed that is on par.

We cannot impress the night and day extremes from prior to the program and after. It is hard to believe that such a dramatic change has occurred.

We have personally seen the dramatic improvement over such a short period of time and because of the years of struggle, we are bringing this to the attention of people.

NOTE: Four years later…his daughter achieved a 3.5 cume on her high school report card.
R Weiss

My whole life I have noticed that I have had some difficulty reading. It's not that I can't read; I just could never understand what I was reading and I really didn't enjoy it at all. I think the last book I picked up “on my own” was in the 5th grade.

I have never been an outstanding student. I struggled my way through high school and graduated in the bottom half of my class. I currently attend college and will be a junior next year. I applied and was accepted to the business school and I have been having considerable difficulty in the classes that require a significant amount of reading and comprehending a lot of information in a small period of time.

Last spring semester, I struggled with all three of the business courses that I took. After studying for hours and hours, I was sure that I had a good understanding of the subject matter. Then I took my finals. I knew then for sure that I had a comprehension and reading problem and that I needed help. I have struggled with reading for years and it was time to understand why my grades were so poor when the time I invested in my studies was so great.

After working with the USA Reading Clinic System, I picked up the first book I have voluntarily read since the 5th grade. I have been reading since and fully comprehend and enjoy what I read. I am almost done with the program and I am savoring the third book I have read in the past three weeks! My reading rate has improved to approximately 400 words per minute.

I am thrilled that I was able to take advantage of the program. I can't wait to get back to college and my courses.

The USA Reading Clinic System has helped me so much. It has truly changed my life.
Indiana University student

My parents are happier. They like my grades better.

It was really struggling for me. I thought I was like not smart. My mom was always saying you are smart. When I went to the USA Reading Clinic, I started doing better in school. I was doing better in school so I got more confidence.

When I had gone to my tutors and after school the words were jumping off the page and it was really hard to see and bigger words I could read better. And when I went to the USA Reading Clinic, I didn't miss any words when I was reading at the computer and at home when I was reading books I didn't miss any words.

I felt excited because I thought I was really going to be a better student. Now that I'm in Middle School all the work is easier for me. Before I didn't want to read, I would say Mom can you read that book for me. She would say go up into your room and read. I didn't want to listen to her, I would sit and watch TV. She would have to yell at me to go read.

When I was going into 5th grade I was doing really well on tests and my mom was really proud of me because I did much better than before. Now I'm doing much better on tests.

I started to do better in school.
Jacob D.

I was the last person to finish reading my stuff.

My tests were very disappointing.

I was skipping sentences. Some words were really complicated for me and basically that was what was wrong. Many of the words I didn't know so the sentences didn't make sense to me.

Now I feel better because I am reading really fast. I can understand it better.

Now it's easy. A piece of cake. I'm doing much better in reading and math because of the word problems. What used to take me twenty-five minutes takes me 5 to 10 now.

I'm doing much better in everything.

My son just had the best grades that he has ever had thanks to your program. My son has never had such amazing scores on his reading assessment he just finished fifth grade with above average test scores in reading.

He has struggled a lot throughout elementary now he feels more confident in reading and writing.

Thank you!!!!
A Shepherd

She has improved a lot; tested at same level as the rest of the class. My daughter

is excited. The program is amazing. So impressed! She never would have had these results. She was such a difficult child.

Teacher doesn't have to read tests to her anymore and she gets A's. Teachers commented how they have seen improvement.
L. Bloom

My son is doing great! It was worth the money.
J. Wright

Thanks so much! I have been talking about your program like crazy so I have a couple of friends that should have called or will be calling.
J Brown

She is making all A's and B's in school and does her homework on her own. She is in regular classes and has not been referred for extra help during school or after school, and she will read in front of her friends (notices, signs, magazine articles, etc.).

She even likes school!

Thank you for your program.
E Ewing

My child's teacher commented: All of a sudden your son's reading is phenomenal.

What reading program are you using?
W. Bryant

Casey is doing better with reading and her confidence is improving.
J Hickman

I wanted let you know the school noticed an improvement in our daughter's reading.

Thanks again, so far the reading is going well. Kenny seems to be focusing much better with the reading in the way your program works. He is able to start the program and pick the stories on his own, so he is taking ownership of it as well.
B Bonds

I wanted to give you an update on Eli. Eli is doing so much better already. He gets A's and B's on his spelling tests and he just started getting B's in reading.

This past week he had an English test that I was just so nervous for him I was sick to my stomach when he went to school. This test was on simple and complete subjects and predicates. I worried all day and when he came home, he was so excited he couldn't wait to show me the "B" he had gotten. It wasn't even on anything we studied. The teacher changed the test and he got a "B" all on his own.

He is reading books on his own. I bought some star wars books at a flea market (because they were a great deal and he hasn't read some of the more expensive book I've bought for him.) I just left them out and he is reading them. I don't have to ask him to. But so far so great! Not just good- great. I'm so glad you have this program.

I'll keep you updated. Thanks so much!
L Lindse

We want to thank you so much for helping David with his reading and comprehension. There has been such an improvement with his reading, like you said, his teachers were asking us what he has been studying.

David enjoys reading now and doesn't want to stop your

program. Amazing program! With much gratitude,
W Tinney

My daughter went from a 2nd grade reading level to 5th grade

reading level in just 3 months.
D Schauff

I wanted to tell you, I started to notice he was struggling in areas he didn't normally, especially baseball and really lacking common sense.

So I told him "let's do an experiment" let's start doing the reading program and see what happens.

Two weeks of the reading program every night and he's a new kid! He's reacting and paying more attention in sports and wants to read because he SEES the connection.

Thought I would share.
E Jensen

I'm very, very happy with the program. Glad I did this. Easier to pick

up reading. I can't thank you enough! I love this program. Thank you very much for your help.

Shae has made GREAT progress with her reading speed, we have moved her to 5th grade level stories and dabbling with some 6th.
B Desilets

Jakobe is doing better…. Again thanks for a wonderful program.
J Crockett

Thank you. My Grandson is making nice progress.
L Saub

My son Max has overcome his inability to read well and is happy and reading up a storm!

He reads every night now. Max is focused and comprehends. He just finished a course at BYU and did absolutely fantastic on the test.

I am so thankful. I will be talking to my friends and recommending the USA Reading Clinic.
L McCarey

When I saw the ad say, my heart broke when I saw my child struggling, I thought, that's us, that's us. Anything you could think of, we tried it; we did tutoring, I was calling special education teachers, anything I could think of we did. And nothing was helping, we were still where we were at.

All I can say is if you have a child that's struggling; I was very skeptical, but I can tell you it works, it absolutely works. When you feel, what else am I going to do, there is a solution. There really is. And it is the USA Reading Clinic.

I would recommend this to anybody who has a problem reading or struggling. It doesn't even matter what age. I have parents that call me and they have kids that are going into college and they are still struggling.

So if you can catch it early, I don't feel I'm going to have that concern when my child is eighteen years old, what am I going to do? We have found our solution with the USA Reading Clinic.

I was devastated because I knew I had this very bright child who was constantly struggling in school. And I was at my wit's end. Truly, I did not know what I was going to do to make him a successful learner and a successful person. The real fright for me came when I went from my other son's high school orientation and I sat there and I said what's going to happen to my child if I don't do something different. Everything else I had tried was not working. And I knew what his potential was; I just didn't know how to help him to reach it.

The schools were failing us; they tried but all there techniques were the same old, same old and it wasn't getting us anywhere. And he was continuing to struggle, trying really, really hard and feeling bad about himself. Telling me that he was the stupidest kid in his class. No matter what I would say to him, I'm his mother. I kept telling him you are bright, you are wonderful, I think you are great. But I'm his mom, he thought it was just his mother telling me that.

It was doing a number on his self-esteem. I don't know how he continued to go school every day. And then we saw an ad in the newspaper and it kind of echoed my feelings. My heart broke when I saw my child struggle with reading. And I thought that's us, that's us. So I called the USA Reading Clinic and spoke to them. And I felt there was hope on the way. It has changed my son's outlook on school. I really feel he can be a successful learner now.
Kathy D.

It was frustrating because we didn't understand what we were doing wrong. She would stumble on words, she would drop sentences, come back, jump around. And no matter what we did, it continued. You were just reinforcing…actually we were making the problem worse…she was doing the same thing over and over again.

It became very frustrating for her.

It was the best money I could ever spend on this child because she would be struggling her entire life through high school and college, probably not doing well, unhappy and we would have spent a ton of money to have an unhappy child. When I look back at the price it was a drop in the bucket of what you are going to spend to educate your child anyway. I think it was the best money we could have ever spent.
John M.

Before we would go to the library and our daughter always liked books, even though she had trouble reading. She would get these books and after a few days, I would ask her, did you read the book. Yea, sort of...and I would start going through the book and can you tell me what happened to the character. And she would make guesses. It was very light general answers, wrong answers.

A few weeks ago she picked up a book on Helen Keller and it was a biography. And again a week later, I picked up the book and started asking her questions. And she was answering them. She knew the answers. To me that tells me now she understands what she is reading. The information is being retained and now she appreciates the biography of Helen Keller.

I'm very happy with the progress she's made with the program. I would recommend it highly to other people who have children who are struggling with their reading.
Ray C.

She had taken standardized tests before the program. And she moved on from a 5th grade to a 6th grade school and took and we were absolutely amazed at the difference in her standardized test scores not even six months later. We have recommended the program to a number of people.
Elizabeth H.

Homework time was very stressful for our son. It seemed every night he was going to bed in tears. And we were too just about.

We know our son is a very bright boy, and the teachers have told us he is very bright. However, they were using the excuses that he was lazy, didn't apply himself and that basically it must be our fault.

I know how important reading is because he can't understand the basics unless he can read and comprehend.

He has been able to enjoy reading. He is reading Tom Sawyer, Tom Swift, and he's excited. But the thing that makes me feel proud is that he has confidence in himself. He looks forward to school. There's no more fighting to get him to read. There's no more tears at night. And he's actually enjoying school for the first time in his life. And I owe this all to the USA Reading Clinic.

We just feel our family is a lot better now and we get along better because our son can now read, he's processing, he's understanding, he's retaining. His grades are going up too.
Annie M.

I would highly recommend the USA Reading Clinic and I've recommended it to people. Most parents can't put their finger on what it is; we sit with our kids and watch them struggle. We try to teach them and force them the way we learned and you can't do that, you just can't do that to your child. There's a process involved that we as parents can't define.

Annie was always in a remedial reading class. When I say remedial reading, she always needed a little extra help. And again when she walks out the door, she knows what it is, but when you take it and rearrange it on a piece of paper, she has to reread it, she has to look at it again. She was having difficulty connecting the dots.

It was frustrating because we didn't understand what we were doing wrong. Sometimes we thought Annie was not lazy, but doing the minimum to get by, that wasn't the case. She was very frustrated. It's tough to watch her come home and be teary eyed, because she thought she got a hundred; she didn't get a hundred. She couldn't understand why, because when you asked her the questions, she knew the answers.

Now she's proud she reads at a college level at age 10. And she's reading books that we read. It's unbelievable.
Maria M.

I feel so grateful that we found your program for my daughter! She has struggled with a reading disability for many years and I had finally come to the conclusion that there was no real help available. This program has greatly improved her reading level! Her confidence is now soaring. As a parent, there is no better feeling.
Jenny G.

My twins enrolled in the USA Reading Clinic program. They were reading 70 words per minute. Equivalent to a first grader – 4 years behind.

The problem with their reading began in the in the first grade, approximately four years ago. My son was not enjoying reading. Everything took a long time to accomplish with my daughter.

Third grade was hell. Homework became longer and longer. Both children were on educational plans. They would take a test and flunk it.

Now, both are processing at 250 words per minute very comfortably. School seems to be easier for them. They seem to understand their materials much better.

My daughter did a social studies paper last week. Believe me, it was not easy. Something like this would take hours before. Now it took her approximately 30 minutes. She came home with 100%!

The USA Reading Clinic has given my children the tools to go forward. I know this program is a fast way to help reading become better. Starting at 70 words per minute 2 months ago and concluding at 250 words per minute is such an improvement.

Their self-esteem is better. They say don't help me, I can do it most of the time.
Mother of twins

The program has helped me a lot with my reading and comprehension abilities. I can't believe what a difference it's made in the level of difficulty that I once had in my school work. I'm so glad that I did this program.
Marissa G

My child has been coming home with 100% on all her work. I am so proud... I don't know how to contain myself! She loves the USA Reading Clinic!
Sonia T.

About 4 weeks after starting the reading program our son's teacher said, 'I don't know what you're doing but over the past month your son is really focused and really paying attention!' (We didn't tell the teacher we were doing your reading program!).
Alysa V.

She has progressed so much. We love this program!
Scott W.

He is doing fabulous!
Rita J.

I can tell he is better!
Alanna G.